About Us

We are a parent-led community group who believe that Colmore Junior and Infant Schools should continue to operate successfully as outstanding community schools.

We believe the proposal to convert the schools to academies has the potential to impact adversely on the rights of pupils, parents and employees and that therefore any proposed conversion of the schools must only take place following a full and meaningful process of consultation with all stakeholders.

We urge the schools to uphold the current inclusive ethos of the Colmore Schools by :

1. Holding an urgent public meeting for parents and members of the local community to hear arguments for and against conversion and to ask questions about the proposals.

2. Providing parents and other stakeholders with full details of what steps governors have already taken in the conversion process, including when the DFE conversion grant was applied for and whether a resolution to convert has already been passed.

3. Providing parents and other stakeholders with a full consultation document at the outset of the consultation period including details of the educational and financial reasons for seeking conversion and a full impact assessment of how academy status will affect different groups of pupils.

4. Giving an undertaking that a decision on conversion will only be made after this period of consultation ends and that no irreversible steps will be taken until this consultation is complete.

5. Holding a full and meaningful formal consultation process of at least three months’ duration, at the end of which a ballot of parents is held to approve or reject the conversion proposal.

One thought on “About Us

  1. There academies and academies. If everything is transparent, accountable and honest then fine. My biggest concern would be how it affects the employees because that will affect the kids at a school my children are likely to attend.

    Private in lots of cases means lower wages, cuts in service and it can lead to a lowering I standards.

    Even successful acadamey chains struggle at ceartain schools for instance the old kings norton high.

    My other concern with academies is the creation of thief dons and management that has too much power that can make damaging egotistical decisions regarding staff and the school, but they are still deciding on their own wages and those I others.

    I think parents have to have more say on the council of the school and demand open and transparent relations to ensure standards, staff, and pupils are all looked after well.

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